by: Roy Zimmerman

"SCROTUS" by Roy Zimmerman


All hail us
And heed us
And read us
And quote us

The Supreme Court Republicans of the United States

They brought a case before us, a ruling we upheld
A private corporation can’t be legally compelled
When it violates its deep religious credo
To insure an employee against her wild libido

For in our esteemed opinion a woman has the right
To work for Hobby Lobby and to keep her legs shut tight
For the company, like a church, has a morality
No other church sells Elmers glue, but that’s a technicality

All hail us
And heed us
And read us
And quote us


Now reproductive matters are private, oh yes ma’am
To be discussed between a woman’s boss and Franklin Graham
And we recall that sexism and bigotry
Began when Eve corrupted Adam, had him wear a fig a-tree

The laws of health insurance are full of ifs and buts
We’re covering our penises, but not your who-zi-whats
We’re insuring for Viagra and vasectomy
You say that’s a double standard, and that sounds correct to me

The Supreme Court Republicans of the United States!

John Roberts – rigid as a ramrod – a model for all Constitutional students
And Samuel Alito puts the prude in jurisprudence
And Antonin Scalia – a genius, or so his bio promises
Someday his head will just explode, then so will Clarence Thomas’s

And Anthony Kennedy is a swinger – We’re certainly glad to be counting him in
We’re not the Warren Court, we’re the Court that’s waging War on Women

A corporation is a person, moreover it’s a man
A woman is a helpmate for to please him if she can
And a man may worship any god he pleases
Just as long as his religion is approved by Jesus

All hail us
And heed us
And read us
And cheer us

But Ginsberg and Breyer, Kagan and Sotomayor
Booed us
They said the SCROTUS
Screwed us!

Deciding Constitutional law on the basis of their junk…science

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