The Dream

by: Eddie Scott


I had a dream
It was a little bit eerie
About a world
Where everything was upside down

Yes, in my dream
Each crazy concept or theory
Turned out to be
Completely sound

They’d made a great discovery
That water, it has memory
And proved beyond all doubt
The total truth of homeopathy

They treated all the sick and ill
With just these little sugar pills
And everybody knew
You don’t need cures when you’ve got sugar pills

To boost their health
They made a point of consuming
The miracle foods put on TV
By Dr. Oz

Elvis was quite alive
His fans were still swooning
His shows were met
With great applause

I saw an alien
A ghost and a Yeti
Because those awesome creatures
Really exist

They held a big parade
Complete with confetti
Where Bigfoot
Blew the crowd a kiss

Now every woman, child and man
Improved their fitness on demand
They did it just by wearing
Tiny bands with magic holograms

And psychics have abilities
They use for solving mysteries
Of course the psychics used their gifts
For the betterment of humanity

Turns out celebrities
Were highly admired
Not just for acting
Or for playing guitar

If you need medical
Advice that’s inspired
You just can’t beat
A movie star

It may have only
Been a dream
But still to me
It really seemed

The world would be
So different
If those kind of things
Could really be

And even sleeping
I surmised
If all those things
Were realized

We’d simply have
To redefine
The way we give
The Nobel Prize

When I woke up
I felt a bit of confusion
Cause what I dreamed
Had been so richly detailed

But soon I knew
That it was all an illusion
The world of reason
Still prevailed

Now there are those who say
My dream was no nightmare
The ones whose faith
In magic thinking is strong

But I would say those crazy dreams
Can stay right there
Late at night
Where they belong!

© Copyright 2017 | SkepticLab