Sexual Selection as a Political Force

by: Baba Brinkman

TEDxEast – Baba Brinkman – Sexual Selection as a Political Force


Song 1: Used To Be The Man

Back in the day I used to scrap
I’m not a thug any more
But some days
I just wanna be the man again

Back in the day it seemed like every angry
Teen was talkin’ about packing a shank
And gettin’ cream – what happened to the gangsta lean?
Eric B and Rakim said: “What happened to peace?”
Now they askin’ what happened to strength?
Oh, The women say they want girth now? Huh, what happened to length?
Sperm count goin’ down so we packin’ some blanks
And they laughin’ all the way to the bank
Man, things done changed! Where has all the violence gone?
It seems like people livin’ three times as long
Life just goes on, it’s like survival of the strong
Got swallowed by a Hobbesian Leviathan
And why not? It’s ok, I ain’t tryin’ to abolish it
Women dominate men in college, I acknowledge it
So next they’re gonna take over science and politics
And business, but I guess I’m just kinda nostalgic
I mean, at least fighting men know who they are
You meet a soldier he can show you some scars
But muscle can’t win a contest over some jobs
So now we’re just good for opening jars

Back in the day I used to scrap
I’m not a thug any more
But some days
I just wanna be the man again

Man, what a waste of upper body strength this is
I can dangle it for women like I’m angler fishin’
I got a voice full of bass, listen, ain’t it pimpin’?
But it came from male-on-male competition
And I’m afraid that’s a thing of the past
I mean things fall apart, don’t be thinkin’ they last
But I keep lookin’ for some answers when I listen’ to rap
Like diggin’ for the missing link in the grass
So where the gangsters at? The males barin’ they teeth
Starin’ at weak opponents like: “I dare you to speak”
The Menace to Societies and American Me’s
Not these wealthy, frail, weak, self-parodies
I mean, things done changed! Can you believe it?
Even the frickin’ crime rate seems to be dippin’
And some people give police credit, but I’m with Steven Levitt
High risk fetuses are being rejected
Just ‘cause females get to control their own fertility
So murder and poverty drop, but not sociability
What happened to the criminals on killing sprees
Instead of fighting now, we all show civility

Back in the day I used to scrap
I’m not a thug any more
But some days
I just wanna be the man again

Forty percent of men historically left descendents
While six out of ten died young or got rejected
Big winners and big losers, but women had it different
Eight out of ten of them had children who had children
And you wonder why she was so obsessed with competition
Homo sapien males, yeah blazin’ a trail
Makin’ amazing creative displays, and chasin’ tail
That lasts an extra decade when it’s grey and frail
Yeah, the Y Chromosome is just a mutation
And it sucks to face it, they call her ‘Mother Nature’
But if you want love from her, get accustomed to waitin’
‘Cause, brother, if you’re male she loves to hate you
She gives us testosterone, rage, and frustration
She gives us jealousy and lust, and a hunger for greatness
Plus our obsession with female reproduction is basic
But the women gotta have choice. No more ‘Bush Administration’
Times change, this ain’t the Pleistocene
Feminism and civil rights have arrived on the scene
And not every guy is keen to let the violence be
I’m just tryin’ to tame the beast inside of me

And I do it with rap music, Thank You


Song 2: Don’t Sleep With Mean People

We gotta rally the troops here guys
Yes we can

Sexual selection is twisted; it’s not balanced
It gives us the best of our gifts and odd talents
Anything that’s useless for survival like music
Anything attractive, that charms and seduces
Like language usage, my vocab is so fab
I spin a web with it, and the centre is my gonads
It’s nothing but a mating dance I can admit it
But I can’t escape it, no chance, I’m locked in it
Like a tree, deep rooted, so people see through it
I’m a freak by nature thanks to evolution
But so are you, the relevant dramas that you’re goin’ through
Sexual selection selected them too
So if you feel the hormone rush, testify!
Try to see things objectively, but don’t objectify
It’s the eyes, they can’t take the pressure
They try to stare at your breasts but I can make an effort
The hours pass, my power’s sapped
I can’t choose an oblong physique over an hourglass
So maybe you feel like “mean” includes me
You can’t choose what to want, but you can choose what to eat

Don’t sleep with mean people – that’s the anthem
Please, think about your granddaughters and grandsons
Don’t sleep with mean people – pretty or handsome
Mean people hold the gene pool for ransom

Don’t sleep with mean people – that’s the anthem
Please, don’t reward your kids for throwin’ tantrums
Don’t sleep with mean people – pretty or handsome
If you wanna take the pledge, get your hands up

So what if we really did it, this silly business?
I mean use sex appeal to make a real difference
Like a field mission, to seek and enjoy
It’s gotta be the most powerful tool that we can employ
We don’t need Freud; Darwin has the answers
Sexual selection can enhance us
Let’s make a competition out of altruism
If someone gives enough to charity, you gotta frolic with them
Generosity should be rewarded
And celibacy enforced on those who try to keep and hoard it
Of course I’m speaking mostly to women
‘Cause when it comes to reproduction you control the system
Men have a supporting role to play
But best believe, where you lead, we’ll follow with no complaint
It’s time for a gender-based intifada
Aristophanes got it right with Lysistrata
More than two millennia ago, women in the know
Realized that it’s a lie that ‘men are in control’
So ladies, please, every time you fornicate
Just keep in mind, the future is yours to shape

Don’t sleep with mean people – that’s the anthem
Please, think about your granddaughters and grandsons
Don’t sleep with mean people – that’s right Y’all
If you wanna take the pledge – get your hands up

When I say “Don’t sleep with” you say “Mean People”
C’mon, don’t sleep with…Mean People
Say it loud, don’t sleep with…Mean People
Who ya not gonna sleep with?…Mean People

Thank you very much

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